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I have Hashimoto's thyroid problems and am hypothyroid as a result (numbers and antibodies are all messed up). Also have GI problems which they tried me on Nexium for, but it made things worse. Have been taking digestive enzymes with HCl and that has helped things tremendously.

However, I have been extremely fatigued, in pain, some neurological issues, swollen tongue, etc. for the past several months. I had to go to the ER things were so bad and they did a bunch of labs.

Doctors haven't said much about them, so not sure if they mean anything.

Iron Level 44 (28-170)
Total Iron Binding H 482 (261-478)
% Transferrin Saturation L 9 (15-45)
Vit B12 level 407 (200-900)

Ferritin was checked back in May, 81 (10-160).

I feel so horrible but the doctors can't tell me why. I know my thyroid is out of whack and they tell me that they won't be able to figure anything out until that is stabilized (however, I have antibodies for Grave's so I'm not sure if it will ever be stabilized).

Are there any numbers that look weird??


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