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My dad's blood work came back with low rbc, hematocrit, hemoglobin. He's on an immunesuppressant 6mp for ulcerative colitis for a number of years. Understandably also had off liver function tests and low wbc but his gastro was never concerned. Never the low red blood count though. Recently his gastro put him on a ppi for what he thought was reflux. Turns out he has bronciostasis which caused the cough. He went to a hematologist at my insistence and had several blood tests taking. He has high folic acid but he's taking folic acid supplements. But he has very normal b12 if not high. He also has high mcv. Doc gave him intrinsic test which was negative. Now he wants a bone marrow test. I have researched and researched and read first of all that the serum b12 test is sometimes not accurate and he should have the mma test instead?? Also my mom never told the hemo that he never stopped taking the ppi at high doses. Just would like to know if the lack of stomach acid from the previcid can cause you not to absorb the b12 even though his blood test shows high b12. I know the folic acid supplements also can mask the "symptoms" of b12 deficiency but can it also cause the blood serum of b12 to show normal when he'ls really not absorbing any. Would the ppi cause lack of absorbtion due to the no acid environment but still show the normal blood serum tests and is that other test better then the b12 serum. I'm convinced by his symptoms and medication history that he really has a b12 deficiency that's causing the high mcv and anemia. Thanks you for any info please.

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