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Hi, to try and cut a long story short. My ferritin levels were found to be low years ago. I finally found the correct iron tabs (Fersamal 210mg, high in elemental iron) and after 3 months they shot up to 88. Great, but then if i don't continue with the iron tabs they go back down again (now 29). I put it down to heavy periods, but for 4 months now I have been taking a contraceptive pill (Cerazette) to stop my bleeds (which has it's own side effects) to help me retain my iron. This so far has not worked. Looking back over the years my B12 has also been above normal levels and my doctors say it's nothing to worry about, and my transferrin saturate has also been above normal levels but my GP tells me the same thing. I just want to understand (1) why my ferritin keeps getting low (and when it does I normally catch everything under the sun and get sick and have no energy to do anything and work is not happy with me takin so much time off, and I then feel depressed because I can't do my sport, which is worrying) - (2) why my B12 is above normal levels even though I don't take any supplements and (3) what it all means. I just want my mojo back, this has been going on for 10 years now after taking anti-depressants (which i now refuse to go back on) and not being able to pursue sports because instead of invigorating me, it exhausts me. Please help, am so fed up!
Hi, I do take iron tablets (fersamal 210 mg x 3) but as you can see it's quite a high dosage with its own side effects taking them long term (ie. stomach and joint pain). I am also taking a contraceptive pill purely to stop my months so that my iron levels do not fall, but after 4 months on this (and these too have their own side effects) it doesn't seem to making any difference. As soon as I stop taking fersamal my ferritin drops from 88 down to 29 and I feel exhausted. I've even been tested for Coleac (as my brother and sister have it) but I am negative. I just want my energy back and after years of this, it becomes rather frustrating. What I really want to know is why I my body doesn't seem to retain my iron levels and what I can do to help myself (as naturally as possible). Thanks for your response.
Oh my gosh neeta, Fersamal, aka ferrous fumarate, is an iron salt and wreaks havoc on your GI track. You're taking it three times a day and after theses three doses you're only getting 60mg elemental iron which is the key iron component that addresses anemia. In addition, ferrous fumarate, being an iron salt, that is the transporter of the elemental iron, is not absorbed well at all and in the end you're not getting much of the iron you need.
OTC, Over The Counter, irons are not regulated by the FDA and in my humble opinion, are mostly junk.
The NovaFerrum I mentioned to you about is a gastroferrin and is readily absorbed in the small intestine bypassing the stomach. You only take it once a day and you're getting 100mg of the elemental iron you need minus all the side effects. Go to your doctor, if he or she hasn't heard of it, tell them to look it up on the internet, there is a website on the product.
It's available only by prescription and so you will have to visit with your doctor, but "please" I encourage you to visit with your doctor and ask to be switched from what you're taking. NovaFerrum is popular for doing the job minus the side effects. Keep us apprised - all the best..

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