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[QUOTE=yantar;4885785]In July I was diagnosed with severe iron deficiency anemia. My red count was 3.79, ferritin was 2, hemoglobin was 7. I had two units of packed red cells transfused, followed by colonoscopy, endoscopy, and capsule endoscopy. Nothing turned up in any of them and I was started on iron twice daily. Four months later my numbers all look good except my RBC keeps climbing up and has been higher than normal for the past two months (now 5.33) while my RDW remains high (22.6, although it soared to 32 for a time). All other numbers have slowly reached the normal range, but morphological review shows multiple abnormalities in my RBCs since the beginning. I'm trying to avoid a bone marrow biopsy. Any ides on why my RBC should go from very low to high with only iron?[/QUOTE]

you may be taking to much iron. What does your doctor say? I would think your doctor would lower your iron.

You can get to much iron and it will cause your problems with your liver, heart, pancreas, skin, joints, and overies for woman, and testes for males, so if I were you I would ask my doctor to lower the iron I was taking. or at least find out why he hasn't done anything. Your iron level is way to high.


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