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I'm just another woman with an iron deficiency that doctors aren't interested in treating! I feel terrible. I'm honestly thinking that life isn't worth living if I continue to feel so bad. I have a wonderful husband and 11 year old daughter and I'm just not the wife and mom I want to be to them feeling this way.

The symptoms started about a year ago... heart palpitations, constant anxiety/panic feelings for absolutely no reason at all, shortness of breath, dizziness, achy muscles, headaches, fatigue, falling asleep accidentally all the time, can't sleep at night(:mad:), Restless Leg Syndrome.

I'm 35 and I have moderate 8-9 day periods every 24 days. I eat really well (no junk, organic, etc.) and am not a vegetarian. I have untreated H. Pylori which isn't causing me much stomach distress right now. I also have mitral valve prolapse and I'm taking a low dose of Bystolic(beta blocker) for that.

Last January my doctor did a blood test and my Ferritin was 10. She said to take OTC iron pills. I tried every different type and formulation and they all made my stomach feel like it was being stabbed and I felt high/drunk on them. After I took them I was so spaced out and dizzy I couldn't even drive! I felt just crazy!

In Nov. I went to see an Internist and my iron levels were:
Total Iron: 68
Saturation: 18%
Ferritin: 16

He too told me to take iron supplements; no specific dose. I am able to tolerate beef liver pills as well as low doses of "whole food" iron (Mega Food Blood Builder). I take those at about 60mg combined a day. After almost 2 months I am actually feeling worse! He mentioned IV iron, but I'm worried I will feel even worse from that than just from the iron pills.

I have an appointment with a Integrative Medicine doctor, but not until the end of Feb. I can't wait that long to feel even a little better. I'm just not sure what to do!

Anyone else feel high, drunk, out of control, crazy, dizzy, spaced out, etc on iron? Do my numbers look the least bit alarming? I just feel certain that an iron deficiency is the cause of all my symptoms. I need some wisdom and advice!

Thank you!

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