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Decade of Anemia
Dec 22, 2011
I am a 25 year old female who has been anemic for ten years. I am at a loss for what is the cause of my persistent anemia and hoping posting here may bring some new avenues to explore.

When I was 15, my MD diagnosed me with severe anemia; I believe my iron levels was around 2-5 with an accompanying low haemoglobin. For years (literally), I've tried everything to get a handle on my anemia. Oral supplements always caused major stomach upset and my iron levels never increased - as if there was no absorption. An OB/GYN spent two years stopping my period for 6 months at a time - nothing changed (other than turning into a crazy wolf lady).

Finally, I was put on monthly intramuscular injections of Infufer. They seemed to bring me up to ferritin levels of approx. of 12-15. I continued these injections up until last month, when Infufer was put on indefinite backorder for at least 1 year. My new MD did some blood tests as I'm trying to get on another alternative injection of DexIron; my iron is at 15 and my haemoglobin is at 120, which is apparently normal. Keep in mind, this is with my most recent iron shot about 3 weeks ago (and last one for awhile as I have run out of vials).

The frustration;
FIRSTLY, my MD is hesitant to put me on a new injection because they believe my iron levels and haemoglobin are on the low end of normal. I know if I don't get that shot, I'm going to suffer greatly - I'm at a level of 15 even when getting the shot monthly. I don't want to go back to the place of having such low iron, I can hardly walk without lightheadedness. SECONDLY, I still have no answers as to [I]why[/I] my iron stays consistently low even with shots and why oral consumption never worked. A recent colonscopy and endoscopy revealed non-specific inflammation of my esophagus and GI tract, but no celiacs or h-pylori. Since then, I was put on a proton pump inhibitor and there's been some mention of IBS but no meds.

I thought maybe my Doctor would've have seen this as a possible clue in solving the iron mystery, as maybe my GI tract is incapable of absorbing iron? When I was younger, I was put on a lot of antibiotics for kidney infections and now I'm reading up that it could've affected enzymes and such in my GI tract.

I'm so lost. It's as if no Doctor or Specialist is willing to conclude that these issues could be the leading cause of my anemia, or at least look into them further. Are there any tests I can complete to get more answers? I've heard mention of bone marrow tests but I don't much about them and what they can find... and how painful they can be.

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