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Iron 19
RBC 3.78
Hemoglobin 9.0
Hemocrit 28.7
MCV 76
MCHC 31.4
RDW 16.3

Can anyone help me understand just how anemic I am? I do not have health insurance and got this blood test at Labcorp. I am so tired all the time and have no energy. :yawn:
My back story is this:
I am 39 yrs old. I have one son that was born in 2005 but I have had issues of fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, depression and recently have had episodes of lightheadedness with feelings of passing out, nausea, coldness and just an overall sense of feeling worn down and unwell. I always thought it was because I am "lazy" but could never understand why I was mentally motivated to do things but physically felt too tired to do it. It has caused me to feel crazy at times because I just don't have the ability or want to do things around the house that mentally I want to get done. I was also diagnosed as borderline anemia back in 1992 when I was in college and had been diagnosed with Mono at the same time. Iron supplements were out of the question because they upset my stomach and , at the time, I could not swallow anything due to the mono. I think that my issues started then and slowly got worse. I do not eat an iron rich diet so I am pretty sure I am anemia but want to know if I should be seeking medical help or if by taking the following supplements I can handle it on my own:
Beet root 3 daily
Nettle 3 X daily
Blackstrap molasses 1 tbsp 3 X per day
Kelp 1 tab daily (my TSH was low but everything else thyroid related was normal)
Vitamin B complex 50 when I take the beet root and nettle I take this
Sodium Ascorbate (Vit C) when I take my supplements (I use the powder dissolved in water so I don't use a ton but use approx. 800-1000mg each dose)
I feel overwhelmed but just don't want to feel worse.
How long can I expect to feel tired if I am doing this schedule of supplements? Should I do this ALONG with an OTC iron supplement ( I was looking at Nature's Plus brand Iron supplement). Thanks in advance for any info, support or resources you can give me. I appreciate it.

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