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I am pretty sure it is due to low iron in my diet. I have been dieting on and off for years (some extreme such as hcg diet and kimkins) and have not been eating any iron rich foods for a really long time. I went vegan for a while and also just recently have been vegan and vegetarian but not eating very many green leafy vegetables due to texture sensitivities. Even when I do eat meat I do not eat red meat. I was anemic in 92 due to illness of mono and probably also not eating well since I was in college at the time. I don't even recall if it was resolved because I could nto take the iron pills the Dr. prescribed because I was unable to swallow them and if I did my stomach was so upset from not eating.
I also have had heavy periods in the past (pretty much until the past year or so)and this includes large clotting each month in the middle of my period. All the other blood work came back normal (such as WBC including all 6 of the different white blood cells, kidney, liver function and thyroid) so I do not think there is inflammation or chronic illness involved. I am taking hema-plex once a day and will also be taking beet root and nettle with vitamin B complex. I am retesting in about 3-6 months depending on how I am feeling and will go from there.
I was just wondering if I should be taking more than one hema-plex per day since it is 85mg of elemental iron. I know that I need to get my ferritin up to at least above 70 for optimum health so not sure how long that will take with one tablet of hema-plex and the other herbal supplements.

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