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hi thanks again,

its called tranexamic acid in uk. never knew it has several names, its readily available here and ive been offered it, so if it works for you id def nag ur doc as we wouldnt get it in the uk unless it was cheap! another one of my probs is i cannot swallow tablets and have a phobia about them! the bigger the more scared i get, and these are only available in tab form and are huge, well to me :o. ive had docs snigger at me when i tell them ive got a phobia about swallowing tablets till i politely tell them, im not scared of spiders, birds, rats, mice, but people who are dont get laughed at, they soon shut up. i feel like every target i meet, esp as with this anemia i get knocked back, worst feeling in the world you finaly feel your getting better than to crash down to bedridden in just over a week. i cant keep fighting it. think if youve got a good partner to support you, your lucky, youve not then it adds and youve got double the fight, got to say it not everyone lucky. sometimes hard to fight illness as well as living with somebody who doesnt realy care about you x
yes you can feel it creeping on you, and sometimes it just hits you esp during or after your period. i wake up in the night in a panic for no reason and dont sleep well at the best of times. im going to have to def go back, i was that panik striken last time i had bloods it wouldnt come out, took three attemps and had to lie down and pump my hand i was traumatised!, ive hardlly got any iron medicine left so im going to have to do something. even going out of the house to the bin left me in a panic for the first few months.ive fought it tho best i can. ive read quite good things about the ablation, i hope to god it works for you as your bloods were lower than mine. ive also read recently than ibupropen can reduce the blood flow by twenty percent i think on a uk site. so going to try and find a souluble version. evening primrose used to work for me as well for a good while but last four months it stopped working for me. mite be worth a try though for some ladies who suffer. esp as they can be bought over the counter. i used to crave odd things, dairlylee dunkers and scampi frys raw broccoli and stilton cheese!. i also used to get v bad leg cramps but only come on now when irons low. had steak tonight with loads of green veg, i also have a fancy for roast lamb and chops

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