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[QUOTE=tracytheone;4904373]me to i went for panick attack symptoms, anxiety feeling dizzy as well as my hair falling out!, he wanted to give me anti depresants but i refused couldnt even go in a shop or supermarket i was that bad. i can get in them now most of the time anyway. i have the medicine type iron. hope all goes ok with the appointment. its a nigtmare having these probs dont think anyone whos not gone through it can understand. your lucky to have such a good partner, in one way im lucky ive four sisters i can chat to on the phone they live quite a way from me so dont see them often, i m wary to drive far now but im working on it x[/QUOTE]
the antidepressants really helped me with the depression symptoms.I was a mess emotionally and at least now can now Not work myself into a panic.
Going in for a antidepressant refill is what got me detected with low counts again.I don't know if the two are related,but when the anemia is at it's worse,so is the depression/anxiety.Although I suspected I was low again as I resumed eating ice,which I hadn't craved since getting my iron infusion.
As for the hair falling out,my ferritin reached a 13 after infusion,and it let up a bit,but never really stopped,and is worse again with a ferritin of 3(hemoglobin was 7.2)
I'm hoping if I opt for the ablation ,everything else manages to level itself out for good.
Glad you've got your sisters to talk with :)

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