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I'm not sure where to look anymore. I'm utterly frustrated. I've been anemic for over a year, answer-iron. I kept getting more anemic, fatigued, I just didn't want to get up because it felt so hard. I finally am able to get injections, I just got my first one last Wednesday. I haven't done a new cbc, we're still trying to figure out why I'm anemic.

I'm a 21 year old female, on stacked birth control (4 periods a year).

On CBC-Hgb- 9.9 (normal 12-16) Low Hct- 31.1 (35-47) Low Rdw for SRS- 16.3 (11.5-14.5) High MCV- 71 (80-100) Low MCH- 23 (26-34) Low MCHC- 31.8 (32-36) Low MPV- 10.7 (6-9.5) High

TIBC- Iron- 14 Low (normal 35-150), Direct TIBC- 608 High (250-450), % saturation- 2 Low (20-55).

B12- Low, 205 (normal 211-911). Ferritin- <5 Low (normal 10-300)

Microcytic anemia, b12 deficient. My doctor said that's normally not the case, so what does it mean when it is the case? Does anyone else have this? After that cbc I was referred to a gi specialist and a blood specialist. They suspect(ed) celiac or chrones. I did a barium swallow, but it was normal. (although the xray tech said it was hard to see lower intestine, it was really bunched). I haven't had an endoscopy yet, but its scheduled.

I've had some gi symptoms; upset stomach, passing mucus (with gas and stool), and sometimes clear urine.

Can anyone share their experience, I feel like a guinea pig but not getting anywhere.

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