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Re: Ferritin levels
Feb 19, 2012
[QUOTE=anwhaley84;4930301]Ferriti is a four too my doctor said it was nothing to worry bout since my hemoglobin is still pretty high he did put nee on the iron pill twice a day.....can just a low ferritin kill you or would it have to depkete your hemoglobin first.......I am lightheaded dizzy like on a rocky boat I sometimes feel short if breath heart flutters I have a mitral valve prolapse though so don't know which is causing it my feet get really cold my heart races at times I just don't want to due I have there kids and one on the way I just started iron pills Saturday my legends were check in December I just never started pills took Satur

If your ferritin was fine, then he would have never put you on Iron 2wice a day. Regular docs, dont know everything. For example, My first doctor told me to go to a hematologist asap, he was correct!. But when I lost my insurance and had to go to a free clinic, this other dumb doctor, told me that my ferritin of 15 was fine back in Jan 2012. Now Ive dropped to an 8!!! and this new doc told me that 15 was too low and caused a lot of symptoms!!! and now my new number came back a 8, they are really worried. Ive had ER doctors tell me i was fine.... how am i fine, but the ideal number for ferritin is over 60?? You need to see a hematologist. YOu can die if you have no iron in your body at all, and that takes years. So by the time you get that low, the sypmtoms of anemia and lack of oxygen in your blood will start affecting other parts of your body... then it only gets worse from there, but that takes time.

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