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Re: Ferritin levels
Jan 12, 2012
Hi! I'm relatively new as well. My ferritin levels were at one time as low as yours were. I've actually had two incidences of low ferritin in the last five years. The first time was because I had changed multi-vitamins not realizing that the new ones didn't have iron, and evidently I needed that iron! The second time (and what I am going through now) is due to a medication I am taking for another condition. I am on the ferrous sulfate tablets twice daily, and have managed to get up to 24 with my ferritin. I was up to 49 and stopped the tablets because I thought I was finally in good shape with quitting the meds that caused the ferritin problem, but my ferritin quickly went back into the 20's :(((. My doc told me that mine needed to be between 50-70 to alleviate my symptoms (fatigue, coldness, hair falling out). I'm not sure about the hemoglobin, as they haven't mentioned mine was a problem. Did they talk to you about taking the iron on an empty stomach, with orange juice or other vitamin c source, and limiting caffeine?? It takes time. I know the first time this happened it took me several months (about 5 or 6) to finally get it back up to the 40's from a low of 8 or 9. I wish you the best!

hi im new to this forum.
My ferritin was 9 and i've been on 3x100mg iron per day for 3 months but it s still only 22. I am so exhausted, but the colon specialist said yesterday that level would nt make me tired as my haemoglobin is 13.6. I m 44, what should be my level for my age? It's prob caused my heavy periods they said but doing colonoscopy to check. Replies would be great.[/QUOTE]

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