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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi,

I have posted on this forum previously regarding my low B12 levels and had some great advice so I have come back again ;)

In Dec of 2010 I had 2 blood tests one showing B12 at 125 and another showing B12 level of 92. I was given 6 injections in 2 weeks and then tested again approx 3 months later, that test put my levels in the 200's and so the doctor decided no further injections were necessary.

Around 6 months to a year later another blood test shown that my iron stores were really low and so I was prescribed iron pills. Again I took the dose had a repeat blood test and the next test was normal.

I am now pregnant for the second time. My medical problems which sparked the testing and B12 diagnosis arose shortly after my son was born. I have been taking prenatal supplements since I discovered that I am pregnant. Then at 6 weeks a scan showed twins! Unfortunately at 7-8 weeks I lost one of my twins but am now carrying a healthy baby (13 weeks). During my 1st midwife appointment (while I was carrying the twins) I explained that I was concerned regarding my B12 levels as I had low B12 treated with injections and low iron stores previously, I am aware that while pregnant a baby will drain your vitamin stores.

To my surprise the midwife said that they won't test my B12 levels as they will not treat it while in pregnancy! Is this really true? Seems dangerous to me? Should I request a blood test from my doc anyway?

During my midwife appointment the midwife did the usual blood screen (doesn't include B12 level). The results came back normal on everything but showed high MCHC. Does this mean anything?

I have read that low B12 can be linked to low Folic Acid which is obviously not great in pregnancy. I have also read that a mother giving birth with a low B12 can mean a baby with low B12. I don't know how true this is.

Thanks for reading :)[/FONT]

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