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heres my story dec 13 i had my tubes tied,its now jan 23 but just resently i went to my gyno complaining w. fatigue and i couldn't seem to stay awake. they took some blood work an called me back telling me my iron is really low low low.could my iron be so low from sugrey & i bleed from the time i had sugrey i bleed for maybe 5 or 6 weeks straight no stopping.blood clots an gushing blood i couldnt stand up without gushing blood an id have a big nasty mess. now ive stopped bleeding but having to take iron pills. does having low iron always mean you have anemia? could the reason i have light circles under my eyes be from low iron. someone please explain im not understanding, my cbc an everything at the er came back fine so why all the sudden having low iron could something be seriously wrong?

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