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Re: Iron tested 5
Feb 8, 2012
[QUOTE=palmtreegirl;4924424]Is it your Ferritin level that is at 5? Mine is also that low. I am pretty sure I will be having iron IVs, but I am getting scoped to look for where I might be losing blood on Thursday. Iron injections or IVs would probably be done before a transfusion. Anemia is nothing to mess with. If your Hemaglobin is low, your heart is not getting enough oxygen. Hope you can find a way to deal with it sooner than later. Good luck[/QUOTE]

I think its the Ferritin level they said I looked really pale & had big circles under my eyes. He opened my bottom eyelid & looked into them. I have no idea why though. They pricked my finger & came back saying it was very low & it was 5. He said the normal range should be 10-14. If I were you I would let them do whatever they had to do while you have insurance. If I go to the hospital I will get a blood transfusion & they have iron IV meds but they wont give it to you if you don't have insuance. If it hasn;t gone up any by my appointment tomorrow at 1:30 then I might just kiss my great credit goodbye & go into the hospital. I have been feeling tightness in my chest & it's harder to breath lately. I hope they can help you out & get you what you need maybe you will feel better soon. Maybe we both will. Thanks so much for the reply.

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