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[QUOTE=WonderWomanof3;4932572]People don't realize that taking Prilosec every day for an extended period of time causes malabsorption problems. Like anemia and B12 defeciency etc.

It's a good thing you mentioned it in your post. You should speak to your doctor about it.

Although it does a wonderful job at taking away the acid and the acid reflux, we actually need acid to properly break things down and digest properly. So if you take away the acid (with PPI's) you can't absorb the nutrients and vitamins you need. If you buy Prilosec over the counter, it says not to take it for more than 14 days. That's because we need acid. Doctors over-prescribe that to make their patients feel better.

I've been there. I took it and it made me soooo sick. I had other really bad side affects from it but after doing more research on it, discovered it causes malabsorption issues.

Just like celiac disease (malabsorption) can lead to anemia, so can reducing the acid in your stomach. Try to survive on Tums, put the head of your bed on bricks, change your diet. These are some of the things I changed to avoid heartburn/acid reflux. I hope you find out why you are so anemic but possiby consider the PPI.[/QUOTE]

Thank you. I did mention the issue with taking Prilosec and the possible attribution to my anemia and Vit D def. She wasn't too concerned about it, although I do know that every dr isn't up on every new "finding". Basically, because I had low numbers when I was pregnant and not on the Prilosec then. Right now, I can't do without the Prilosec. If I stop taking it, the nausea returns. It isn't reflux or heartburn, my stomach gets torn up. I will be seeing the GI dr again for further testing and maybe we can re-evaluate. I know I am having a colonoscopy, so maybe they will repeat the endoscopy and see how my stomach looks.

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