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Low ferritin
Feb 25, 2012
Hi everyone,
This is my first post so please bare with me if it's not quite right.
I was wondering if anyone has had similar blood results to myself.
In July 2011 I went to give blood as I did every 4 months. However, the drop of blood from my finer didn't fall in time, so they took a sample and said the haemoglobin level was 10.1 and too low to donate, also I should see my doctor about it.

So I saw my doctor who ordered a full blood count and some other bloods.
Results showed a haemoglobin of 10.9, and a ferritin level of <5 (not sure why but the lab didn't give a number. MVC was also low (in the 70s). Thyroid was normal. B12 deficiency and coelic disease were ruled out.

I was prescribed 3x200mg ferrous sulphate tablets. A month later I had ?food poisoning and had FBC and ferritin repeated. Haemoglobin now up to about 12 and ferritin up to 35. MVC now lower normal limits (80 something). I thought this was brilliant as I was now within normal limits. Dr not happy though as he said ferritin should have come up more than that. So prescribed same dose for another 2 months, then told to come off them for 3 months before bloods repeated again.
That bring us to a few weeks ago. Haemoglobin now 13, MVC within normal limits at high 80s, however ferritin has fallen to 20!

Being booked in for gastroscopy and biopsy to completely rule out coeliac disease as there is a 1 in 100 chance of a false negative blood result. Though I don't think I have any symptoms of coeliac disease. Normal diet, if anything I eat lots of carbs covered in cheese lol. Not vegetarian. Light periods. Any ideas anyone??

Many thanks xxx

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