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It sounds like you are going through a heck of a time! I just joined on here myself. I don't know how much help I will be. My overall anemia is low but not severe. But my ferritin level (iron stores) are only a six. My B-12 was low at 185 back in december. Back in december I was sick all the time, exhausted all the time, and getting a little worried about how low energy and miserable I felt for so long. I however, did not have MANY of the symptoms you mentioned. no shocks or narcolepsy like tiredness. Mine was just a general exhaustion at all times, a rapid heartbeat, and difficulty breathing with exertion (I say exertion but i was so bone tired it was hard to walk up my stairs to put the kids to bed, or read them a book). I DID have numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. I was told that chronically low b-12 can cause neuro problems and damage and they started me on b-12 injections. the numbness is much better, i am not sick all of the time, but i still do not "look" well, very low energy, tired all the time, and i do get confused or foggy in the head. now they are talking iron infusions. i should mention i had gastric bypass, so none of this is a huge surprise, i MOST LIKELY have an absorbtion problem from the surgery. with you though, if they can't explain WHY, i would undergo ANY tests they reccomend and do whatever they tell you to do or not to do until they figure this all out. please let us know how it all turns out!

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