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I am curious to find out how things are going for you and what your treatment has been.

I am researching for my mom who was also diagnosed with pernicious anemia.

It started because her gastrin levels tested as high and the first dr. Jumped to conclusions and basically diagnosed her with zolinger ellison which is a very serious condition. The more researching I did, I found out about pernicious anemia and the relation to high gastrin levels. I urged her to get her b12 levels checked. Her levels were of course extremely low and the dr. Gave. Her four rounds of b12 in October. She was then supposed to have her levels checked every 3 months (I assumed she would still be receiving b12 injections as this is clearly what on needs with Pernicious Anemia).

I just found out yesterday that she has not been receiving b12 injections and because her levels of gastrin are still high and b12 are still low the dr. Is sending her to a specialist for "secretion test" on her stomach. I feel as though all of this has been focused on her high gastrin levels and her pernicious anemia has not been properly dealt with.

Is my thinking true that had she been receiving b12 injections all of these months her b12 levels would have been higher thus lowering her gastrin levels?

I feel as though my mom has been given too many incompetent doctors through all of this and her problem is not being properly dealt with!
Ive had the problem since 2004. My last bloodwork was beginning of March and I finally had normal results. Ive had IV Iron Dextran every 4 to 6 monthes since I crashed and passed out from my levels being so low.
My 1st IV treatment didn't help. I had to have it repeated 2x more before I could function again. My hematologist started me on monthly B vitamin injections (not just b12) which I give myself at home and still do today. It took 8 yrs for the combo of iron treatments at the cancer center and B vitamin injections to help (the dr was actually surprised that my levels returned to normal).
I do have absorbation issues that onset from no where. I was a blood/platelets donor my entire adult life until this happened.
I hope this gets resolved quickly for you. I have great drs and it did take 2 specialist to finally correct the issues with my stomach and iron. I know the entire time I stayed ill and had no energy. It really felt as if I would catch every cold/virus/germ in a 10 mile radius.

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