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Hi! Never done a forum before but need some answers. I recently was diagnosed with atrophic gastritis and pernicious anemia. (no intrinsic factor and B12 level was 140) The last blood test they did was gastrin level which came back 3500 (normal is below 100). My first question is, could the high gastrin level be from the pernicious anemia and has anyone ever had a level that high? Second question is what would be the correct treatment for such low B12 levels. My doctor gave me one injection and then only prescribed sublingual b12 3 times a week- to me it doesn't seem aggressive enough and I am still exhausted and have heart palpitations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, my mother died at the age of 33 to breast cancer so my fear is I carry the BRACA 1 (2) gene. Nervous about my increased risk of stomach and pancreas cancer with the PA and AG.
Ive had the problem since 2004. My last bloodwork was beginning of March and I finally had normal results. Ive had IV Iron Dextran every 4 to 6 monthes since I crashed and passed out from my levels being so low.
My 1st IV treatment didn't help. I had to have it repeated 2x more before I could function again. My hematologist started me on monthly B vitamin injections (not just b12) which I give myself at home and still do today. It took 8 yrs for the combo of iron treatments at the cancer center and B vitamin injections to help (the dr was actually surprised that my levels returned to normal).
I do have absorbation issues that onset from no where. I was a blood/platelets donor my entire adult life until this happened.
I hope this gets resolved quickly for you. I have great drs and it did take 2 specialist to finally correct the issues with my stomach and iron. I know the entire time I stayed ill and had no energy. It really felt as if I would catch every cold/virus/germ in a 10 mile radius.

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