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Hi all ~

I've posted a couple questions recently about symptoms related to anemia; however, I did not have my full CBC results until today and some of the things on it confuse me a little. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand them a little better. The results were:

Hgb 9.6 (L, but not as bad as I originally thought)
Hematocrit 31.5 (L)
MCV 75 (L)
MCH 22.7 (L)
MCHC 30.5 (L)
RDW 17.7 (H)
RBC 4.22 (normal)

Also, it appears that I may have a normal-high WBC at 9.6, depending on who's determining what's normal or not, which seems to vary widely. It says normal on mine (4.0-10.5), but some "normals" are 3.8-9.2 from what I've read. So I don't know what that means. The same with my platelets, which are 406, the high end of normal. And my RBC are 4.22, normal, which confuses me. From what I've read online, shouldn't my RBC correlate to my low hgb, hematocrit, MCV, and MCHC? :dizzy:

Everything else appeared to be right in the middle of normal except for Vitamin D deficiency which was 13.9 (30-100 is normal).

Any thoughts anyone?

Thank you so much for any help or advice. Since I've had so many weird things going on lately any advice or help from "experienced anemics" (for total lack of a better term) would be greatly appreciated. :wave:


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