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I am new here. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004. I have been told for years that I am anemic but no one has ever followed up on it or been concerned until I started going to this new doctor. I was sick for weeks and so fatigued all of the time I had no energy for anything. I would get one virus after the other and just couldn't seem to get well. My arms were constantly going numb at night. This was back in November and December. I can't remember my exact numbers, I will probably say this wrong. My first round of bloodwork showed that I was slighly anemic with an overall number of 11. My B-12 was 185, which she said was low, and my ferritin, or iron stores were a 5. She said that number troubled her the most. Anyway...She sent me for a colonoscopy to rule out any bleeding in my gastro tract, there was none. She mentioned iron infusions but said first she wanted to try high doses of oral iron supplements. She stated that she doubted it would work for me because of the gastric bypass, she suspected an absorbtion problem. She also said the iron infusions are expensive, I would need them for life, and it would have to be documented that the oral wouldn't work so insurance would pay for it. So I just had my three month follow up bloodwork. They did not give me many numbers over the phone. They said some of it slightly improved while some was worse. the ferritin was at a 6, not much change. I have been taking care with my diet and exercise trying to do everything I can to feel better. While I do not seem to be sick all of the time anymore I am still pale, exhausted, and feel foggy and low energy all of the time. I know the infusions can be risky, but I think I want them. Anything to feel better at this point. Anyone have any experience with this? Thoughts or suggestions? I go see my doc on Friday about this. Will know my numbers better then. Oh, they did say my B-12 was much better. I had a series of 5 injections for that though back in December. Thanks for any thoughts!
-Amy :confused:

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