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[QUOTE=palmtreegirl;4942024]My numbers are all pretty close to yours and I feel like I could have written your post. When my doctor first called me with the results, he said "you will need IV iron." A week later, he wrote a prescription for oral ferrous gluconate. When I asked about the IV iron, he said there could be side effects. I started the ferrous gluconate, and then had to stop it after a week to prepare for a capsule endoscopy. That was done yesterday, so I am back on the iron again. I expect to feel exhausted for quite a while. It is all very frustrating!!! I am also looking at possible ear surgery, but I fear they won't want to do it with my iron levels so low. Everything moves at a snails pace in the medical world :([/QUOTE]

I am wondering if my dr is waiting for me to have the colonoscopy before offering a more aggressive treatment of the anemia. I only talked to a nurse yesterday. I have kinda been putting off the colonoscopy due to finances...our health savings account is running low due to two of us having tons of dental works done lately. I just had an encoscopy done last year and know how expensive that was!

I am on Integra, not sure what the dosage is...need to look that up.

I know how you feel. I am so tired of being tired. I have probably been ignoring these symptoms for a long time. Just writing them off to having three kids, moving to a house with lots of stairs, depression and being overweight. Now that I know the cause, I am more aware of the symptoms and them are harder to ignore. I am ready to start feeling better!!!

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