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Hey Everyone!

First off I just want to say how incredibly thankful I am that I found this community. I've learned so much just from reading over posts the past few days and y'all have been way more helpful than my doctor -- who just contradicted EVERYTHING he told me about anemia at my last appointment to the point of outright lying in order to try to get me to take mood elevators, but that's a completely different story. :P Definitely time to get a new doctor!

Anyway, I was diagnosed with anemia 3 weeks ago after a CBC revealed hemoglobin at 10. I have a lot of questions, but the one that's highest on my list right now has to do with periods. I just recalled that for a period of 6 - 8 months last year I wasn't having heavy periods exactly, but they were prolonged, lasted anywhere from 10 days to 4 weeks. Would this be enough to cause the anemia? I hear a lot of talk about heavy periods, which I've never had. I don't think I've ever soaked a pad in my life (sorry if this is TMI...). But I'm wondering if a moderate flow over two or three weeks could equal the same amount of blood lost over a short period of time at a heavy rate. Anyone experienced anything similar?

Interestingly enough, I've always had a lot of light spotting on days I wasn't on my period, but it never was bothersome to me. I didn't develop the prolonged periods until after being on Prednisone for 6 weeks last January for a wrist injury. Prednisone was AWFUL for me and I ended up so anxious and depressed by the end I was having crying fits and was practically suicidal. I'm wondering if it messed up my internal hormone rhythms for a while which led to the prolonged periods. My periods have been normal the past couple of months now that I've been off Predisone for a year, and I've heard people say it can take a year for everything to come back into balance. >_< Am I just imagining things? Or could that be the case with me?

Obviously I need to talk to a doctor about all this, but I'm not really keen on calling up my old doctor at the moment, and it will be a couple of weeks before I get records switched and start seeing someone new (who I've already got lined up and really, really like -- yay!), so I just wanted to hear your thoughts in the meantime. Thanks for reading! :)


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