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Hi Everyone :)

I am new here, but have come to this board feeling a bit desperate and in need of advice.

I have suffered from (in the past) and about 2 months ago long bouts of gastric/inflamed stomach problems. I usually take omerazepole for the duration and it clears up and I am back to normal. This time round I saw my doctor who gave me the round of omeprazole and sent me on my way. It didnt seem to clear up straight away so I went back to a different doctor (my original wasnt available). He told me I had IBS. I was unconvinced as I had no problems bowel wise etc. Eventually the pain went away but was replaced by extreme tiredness, heart palpatations, restless legs and tingling hands and feet. The tiredness has grown worse as the weeks have gone by and is accompanied by breathlessness.

I was given a blood test and everything has come back normal apart from my MCV levels which were 'near normal' at 96.3. My doctor said this was probably caused by alcohol, but I don't drink. Two weeks later I was given another blood test this time my MCV level was 98. The doctor has said the levels are top end of normal I should not be worried. He has asked me to go on antidepressants (even though I don't feel I am depressed), and basically said I am manifesting these symptoms.

I feel these symptoms are connected to my bout of stomach problems but am also worried as my mother (now deceased) and my neice both have needed/need B12 injections.

I suppose my question is, are my MCV levels anything to be worried about, and do they creep up within a short space of time (ie 2 weeks).

Thankyou in advance

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