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[QUOTE=stephie lynn;4949297]Hi,
I have been battling anemia and low iron absorption for the past 4 years. I have gone through, what I feel like every test, to determine that there is no excessive blood loss. (normal period, capsule endoscopy,colonoscopy,etc.)
I have trouble with oral iron and have ended up with iron infusions. The infusions bring my ferritin levels up to around 200 (from as low as 9). Then consistently the levels drop, month by month. When my ferritn level gets to @140, I begin to notice hair loss, leg cramps, tiredness, etc.
I feel like my hematlogist thinks this is normal.He also doesn't think hair loss is a symptom. Does anyone else have a similar situation? Is it normal for levels to drop? I simply feel like I am waiting for my levels to drop so far that the number triggers some action by my doctor. Any suggestion much appreciated.
I am in a similar situation. I drop,and end up with blood transfusion and iron infusion about every 6 months.This time we hope to catch it before needing blood transfusions.I don't know what the magic numbers are for iron infusion,but my latest lab(5months after last infusion) shows ferritin at 7 while hemoglobin at 10.4 is going's still not too bad.
I personally am hoping we do infusion now,as it seems all my anemia symptoms(hair loss,bruising,tired,palpitations,cold etc) are there,just not as severe as when my hemoglobin was way lower.(6 or 7)
Going in to hematologist Wed,so find out next game plan then.
I've never had a full's just assumed I am woman,so my period must be the culprit.(I tend to concur with this)

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