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Anemia symptoms
Mar 30, 2012
hi message board! i've been wondering about my symptoms of low iron and wondering is it just me that is going though this. Ive been put on ferrous sluphate 325 mg since Jan2012 because of my iron being 10??? when i first went to the dr. i was scared out of my pants because i didnt know what was going on.. actually felt like i was dying. my symptoms before i went to the doctor was EXTREMELY fatigue tiredness, legs shaking, felt like i was going to pass out, a little dizzyness, and the most thing that distrubed me the most was blurry vision... like i was in a dream or something.. and it wasnt a little bit.. it was all the time.. when i waked up.. all the time!!!so when the doctor took my blood he said that i had low iron which was 10 which i thought was weird because i didnt know that you could get symptoms in a 10 hemoglobin count.well i guess everyone is different, and espeically dealing with their symptoms also.So when i started taking my pills some of the pills i kinda got calmer.. then i started to get severe headaches in which i looked on online an they said that you can get headaches which were normal. the doctor also prescribed me to a neurologist for the dizzyness just in case. when i went in Feb2012, she said that she was going to do a MRI just in case.. which didnt happen. then. things started to get better with me feeling a little more getty up about things.(just a little)now. the symptoms in FEB2012. were everytime that i get my menstral, right before that i would get dizzy i was still blurry vision though and foggy headed. but i still couldnt go back to the hours of work like i used to. In March2012, i started feeling weird. and i had another app. with the doctor, and she prescribed me to a eye doctor with my blurry vision. went there and he said that everything was fine:confused:????now... what im doing now is just praying that my hemoglobin goes up and i start feeling fine. another symptoms that im feeling is 2 weeks before i get me menstrual i get the sick feelings, and i get dizzzy and feel like the floor is going up and down.. but when i get off my period i feel fine...are these signs of low iron??? PLEASE HELP!!!

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