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I found my doctor's instructions--which came from her assistant, very confusing. She said to take Feosol, but then she said to take it twice a day and to take 325 mg. I find that very confusing, because first of all, the Feosol are 45 mg per pill, and the instructions say to take no more than 1. Does that make any sense to you? I wish she would have just written me a prescription. I am so tired of feeling horrible. They said if my levels haven't gotten better in 6 weeks, then it's an IV of iron and I go to a hemotologist. Another thing that was weird was that my sodium levels were low and my cholesterol was high. I looked that up and that combination with the low ferritin levels seems to be indicitive of hypothyrodism, which runs in my family. But my hypothyroidism test came out normal. I have gained weight like crazy--it is totally out of control, and I'm exhausted and feel dizzy and sometimes nauseated.

[QUOTE=palmtreegirl;4962797]Welcome to the club! My ferritin level was 5. My hemoglobin was 10.7. I am surprised you doctor didn't tell you which iron supplement to take. Mine recommended ferrous gluconate, and wrote a prescription for it. Ferrous sulfate is pretty common, too. Depending on your other conditions, the doctor should have told you which one to take. I would check with them. The oral irons are hard on the stomach, and lots of times people won't stick with them. The ferritin level is a measure of how your iron stores are. It takes time to rebuild. The docs will tell you the ferritin level is not what makes you feel bad, but I have a hard time believing it. I get very exhausted. Since I started the iron a month ago, my ferritin level is up to 12. I thought I would eventually get iron injections or IV iron, but a doctor I work with said they don't like to do that unless the hemoglobin gets much lower. It is a slow, frustrating process. Good luck.[/QUOTE]

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