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[QUOTE=reddypeddy;4964331]Last year my ferritin levels were 4. We did every test we could think of, pelvic ultrasound, endoscope, kidneys...came up with nothing, no cause for the anemia. I received the 10 venofer teratments and by the end it was up to 75. That was on December 14, 2011. Now, just 4 months later it has dropped to 11.

Is there a cause for this that might be a little more out of the box than the usual reasons?[/QUOTE]

What were the hemoglobin counts during and after?
ferritin is the reserve,so if it needs to fill the tank(hmg) it makes sense the reserve will drop to keep the tank topped off.
Mine will drop significantly in under 2 months,(195 to 33)but my hmg raises a tad.Of course once the reserve is gone,the hmg will eventually go down too.

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