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I was just diagnosed with anemia and I am more than a little confused. I have had 5 c-sections and looking at the labs from the day after my c-sections my Hgb was always low but everything else was still normal. Now out of the blue I have low(barely) HGB and low Mcv, Mch and Mchc. My youngest is 2 and is still breastfeeding. I had a colonoscopy last summer because my cbc showed a MCV of 79 but everything was normal. I have had 2 abdominal muscle repairs and live in chronic pain from that. I had the colonoscopy mainly because the MCV number was a tad low and to rule out anything related that way to my chronic pain. Came back fine. I am due to have another ct scan here in the next week or two to check on my abdominal muscles to make sure they haven't split open again and being the reason for pain. I have seen a gastro, ortho, pain, gyn, surgeon and my family doctor and they all tell me the pain is from nerves and scar tissue and to just live with it. I requested the ct scan to make sure. My family doctor and another doctor in the office say my labs are just a classic example of iron defiency in a woman of child bearing age and to take a prenatal along with a 65mg iron pill(well the one number is 325) and we will recheck in 3 months. Is a wait and see approach ok? I have been either pregnant or nursing for the past 14 years and this is the first time these have come back low out of the blue like this. Here are my results. I am not going to type out all of them because everything else is normal except the ones in red.

[COLOR="Red"]Hgb 11.9[/COLOR] (12-16)
Hct 37.7 (37-47)
Platelet 370 (140-400) except for right after my c-section this number for me has always ran in the 300's.
RBC 4.89(4.2-5.4)
[COLOR="red"]MCV 77.1[/COLOR](80-100) looking back at 5 years of lab draws this number has always stayed between 79 and 83)
[COLOR="Red"]MCH 24.3[/COLOR] (27-33)
[COLOR="Red"]MCHC 31.6[/COLOR](32-37)
RDW 15.8 (11-16)

Health history= 5 c-sections, currently nursing 2 year old, abdominal ct scan Jan 2010, abdominal ct scan Aug. 2010, Pelvic, back and hip MRI Dec 2010, hip/pelvis xrays feb 2011, head ct Nov. 2011, gallbladder, liver, pancreas u/s Jan 2012.
Hi mom2,

I am going through the exact same thing too wondering what to do next. The doctor described it as "borderline" anemia with labs in December as:
HGB: 12 (12-16)
HCT: 35.4 (37-17)
MCV: 81.9 (83-101)
MCH: 26.9 (27-34)
RDW: 15.5 (12.1-14)

A month later, everything had gone a little lower except for RDW which went higher. Also, in addition, my ferritin was 9 (11-306) and iron was 42 (28-170). TIBC and Transferrin was normal but on the higher end. This is when I started having terrible symptoms of anemia such as exhaustion, dizzyness, heart palpitations etc. and also had two infections that required antibiotics (sinus then throat) and I haven't even had the slightest cold in about four years. In doing my research, these labs are indicative of long-term blood loss. Since I am post menopausal and have never been anemic before this has me concerned. And I like to eat so it's not from that!

Additionally, for the past four years, all blood labs have decreased every year except for WBC which have increased and the RDW has stayed about the same.

My doc at first suggested a colonoscopy and endoscopy then recanted and suggested that I just try iron pills first since I had a colonsocopy only a year and a half ago where they removed a noncancerous polyp. She insisted that my blood labs were not so low that I should be having these symptoms since there were "borderline". However, I will admit that the iron made me feel better. I am now waiting for my third set of labs to come back to see how they are but I still feel uncomfortable not knowing why I became anemic out of the blue like that.

Sorry to steal your thread but based on my experiences, if I were you, I would start by taking the iron pills definitely! With 5 kids, you can't afford to be tired. Being anemic also made me foggy in the brain and you can't have that when you are helping with homework. Also, have you or the doctors considered an endoscopy? If nothing else, just to rule out any stomach bleeding. And just because you "are child bearing age", doesn't mean you should be anemic, especially if the monthly visit doesn't overstay it's welcome. LOL.

I am doing the wait and see approach too and I don't like it. When I get my labs back, I will discuss further with the doctor about finding out WHY this suddenly happened whether or not my labs are "normal".

Best wishes. I hope your stomach pain gets better very soon and I hope you figure out your anemia issue. But I'll mention again that you don't want it to get any worse. It sucks being tired all the time.

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