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how many type's of anemia are there? because i'v been B-12 def.for at least the past year i'v giving my self a monthly shot.
There are several different types. I have Pernicious Anemia which is an autoimmune disease that is causes the lack of the specific intrinsic factor in the stomach. I cannot absorb any b12

I have been to the point where I have had to do daily shots of b12 plus sublingual. It really depends on your levels. A monthly shot will not be nearly enough for pernicious anemia.

To get my levels up in the beginning I did weekly infusions, plus shots and sublingual.

There is also microcytic anemia, your cells are too small

Aplastic anemia- cells destroyed

Iron deficency anemia

sickle cell anemia- you have curved "moon" shaped cells that do not transport oxygen well.

And several others that do not immediately come to mind.

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