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hi just wondering if anyone has been through this it took my gp 6 months to test me and still did'nt run all the testing i need called me today and said you have anemia & vit.D deiciency take vit D and iron 3 x's daily you can get it otc and that was it . i have been so upset with my gp not listing to me that i called my surgern wich is an hour and 40 mins. away to get the right labs ordered and i had them done today but i have to wait to make an appointment with him till i can find someone to take me because i'm to sick and week to drive that long hell ,i don't even want to ride that far but i'm going to asap,i would like to hear what some of you went through and what helped:)
It depends on the type of anemia that you have. If you have pernicious anemia, all the iron in the world will not help as you need b12 in some form other than orally.

You can try either the iron, or sublingual b12 to see if it helps
how many type's of anemia are there? because i'v been B-12 def.for at least the past year i'v giving my self a monthly shot.
There are several different types. I have Pernicious Anemia which is an autoimmune disease that is causes the lack of the specific intrinsic factor in the stomach. I cannot absorb any b12

I have been to the point where I have had to do daily shots of b12 plus sublingual. It really depends on your levels. A monthly shot will not be nearly enough for pernicious anemia.

To get my levels up in the beginning I did weekly infusions, plus shots and sublingual.

There is also microcytic anemia, your cells are too small

Aplastic anemia- cells destroyed

Iron deficency anemia

sickle cell anemia- you have curved "moon" shaped cells that do not transport oxygen well.

And several others that do not immediately come to mind.
wow i did not know that ! scarey,thank you so how have you been doing? did you also have gastric bypass?
I am 5 years post gastric bypass and have recently been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. My latest bloodwork showed a hemoglobin level of 9, low vit D, low B12, and elevated platelets, despite my taking my prescribed vitamins religiously and never missing the B12 shot I get every 3 months. I'm currently scheduled for a bunch of tests to determine why I'm losing iron, or maybe my body just isn't processing it. I have a history of bleeding marginal ulcers (an ulceration at the RNY connection site) so I'm having another endoscopy next week, and I'm putting my money on this as being the problem. I'll also be receiving my first (and hopefully last) iron infusion. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I'm willing to bet yours is iron-deficient anemia.
so at what point do they give iv iron,because they did tell me i have iron defc.but that was from my gp and they just said take otc iron,i tried telling them i don't i'm absorbing it,so they are sending me to a gastro.i don't know how they test for that ?then i'm trying to get to my surgen it's just he's 1 and 1/2 hours away and i'm so sick i have to find someone to take me i just feel like crying because i feel like i'm diying,like i'm just gonna pass out any minute,and my bp has been high and i'v never had that problem before ...keep me updated on you and i will do the same much love tiff
Well, I was diagnosed about 8 monts ago. My gp sent me for routine bloodwork last week and finding that the hemoglobin hasn't improved at all, plus lots of other things were out of whack, he referred me to a hemotologist. Maybe you could ask your gp for a referral, or contact a hemotologist on your own?

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