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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I have posted on this forum before regarding my B12 problems. Unfortunately my last post was regarding my concerns of developing B12 issues during my pregnancy and now this is the very situation I am facing.

I had my B12 levels checked on Monday, the results show B12 level at 99. I had a message left on my phone to tell me that I needed to make an appointment with my GP to discuss this. On attending the appointment my GP explained that my iron level is low (last blood test in Dec also showed low iron and I was given a prescription of Ferrous Fumarate 210mg x2 daily) I would assume that this isn't working? My GP then gave me a prescription for Pregaday 100mg x1 daily and told me to stop the Ferrous Fumarate and start on the Pregaday instead. This concerns me as I don't understand how taking a supplement with less iron will work? Also it says on the leaflets and online that these are not to be used for "People with anaemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anaemia)".

Next my GP tells me that my B12 levels are low at 99 and that if I wasn't pregnant then she'd be giving the injections again straight away. She explained that because I am pregnant (29 weeks) she is not happy to administer the injections as she doesn't know if it will affect the baby (and there was me being told previously by the same GP that low B12 is bad for the baby).

I am concerned for the health of both my baby and myself. Previously my B12 level has come back at 120 in one week and then 92 in the following week (while I was unmedicated). I am told that these results will be passed onto my obstetrician who I am to see for the 1st time in 2 weeks (I have had to wait for 22 weeks for this appointment). Surely looking at before my B12 levels could drop again in that time? How dangerous is this?

My blood test showed low B12, low HB, low haematocrit, low RBC's. My Lymphocyte, EOS and Basophil count were all at the minimum range (not sure if that's relevant-its all Greek to me).

I have been feeling ill lately and while in an appointment with my midwife this week I had disturbed vision and hearing and came over very hot, she whipped me up onto the bed and it returned gradually. I am feeling VERY tired and weak and keep getting dizzy spells (these can happen before or after eating). Basically I am struggling now to do anything around the house and feel like I am functioning on bare minimum, not sure if these symptoms are related to the iron & B12 problems or something else.

Any advice would be gratefully received. I am so scared of the damage that this may cause my baby. [/FONT]

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