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[QUOTE=csweeney;4974720]I was diagnosted with iron-deficient anemia about 8 monts ago, after being on ferrous gluconate 324mg for the past 5 years, following gastric bypass. Anyway, routine bloodwork last week revealed that hemoglobin has not improved at all since diagnosis (hemoglobin level 9). My gp promptly sent me to a hemotologist, who has scheduled me for an iron infusion. The staff really didn't offer much information, other than it will take 6 hours, and that allergic reactions and side effects are fairly common. So I'm wondering things like: What happens for those 6 hours? Are you physically able to do anything, like read/knit/surf the net? I did read something in the info packet about "no wireless communication devices" due to privacy reasons, but this office is also an oncology center where patients receive chemo treatments, and I think this pamplet was more for them. Are you able to eat/sleep/use the bathroom during that 6 hours? What can I expect in the way of side effects? Can anyone please share their experiences?
CSWEENY-- I posed this question in April - I have had a few responses - and each one is vastly different from the other. I, myself, am finally going for my first infusion on Tuesday next, and the Nurse told me it would take about an hour. I am going in there prepared to rest and relax for an hour. Maybe look at a magazine. I have not been "prepared" with any prior information other than the time allowance. Funny how different each office operates, isn't it? I wish you well and hope that it is not really 5 hours - how on earth can something like this take 6 or 7 hours I wonder? I had Gastric Bypass in l997 - apparently we are a common bunch. I am to have about 4 infusions, one each week for 4 weeks. After that - - ?. My recent experience with the blood transfusions I had in March boosted my numbers for about 2 months before they started to decline - I do not even know if there is going to be the same pattern with the iron infusions. The Doctor just said that the four week stint should do me for awhile. Another adventure into the unknown - I am getting tired of all of this "being tired". I have high hopes that I will feel somewhat "normal" after a week or two or four - whatever normal is. I am 73 so there are a lot of variables. I will report back my experiences.

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