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... which I would do in a heartbeat to find the cause of all my issues! ... (6 replies)
... First GP was not in next day, so had another dr give me the results below and scrip for ferrous gluconate and appt with hematologist on the 17th,gyno on the 24th. ... (9 replies)
... It doesn't bother me on the day to day but lately I've been feeling more tired than normal. So I got my blood checked out. Hemoglobin at 8.5 and hematocrit at 26.4. ... (4 replies)

... is quite low. I have been feeling like something that cat dragged in for a couple of years now but have only been minimally tested for iron with only CBCs in the past. My hematocrit and hemoglobin levels have been out of range for about a year but not enough to cause any concern. ... (10 replies)
... I have moderate anemia but my iron numbers are low. I am 40, female, and in moderately good health. I had an endometrial ablation in November and have no reason to be anemic except for extremely heavy bleeding last year which resulted in my ablation. ... (3 replies)
... Hey everyone, Well, I just say my GP this afternoon because I was concerned that when she checked my labs when she took me on as a patient when I moved to AZ just recently that she didn't check a ferritin and that my levels hadn't gone up that much, though not that low I guess to begin with, though the biggest thing is that I am having diarrhea 4-5 times/day, sometimes... (3 replies)
... I have been followed by my PCP in WA and a different PCP while I was in eating disorder treatment, and NOW have a different PCP in AZ following my care, so I feel a little lost on what should be done with my anemia. ... (5 replies)
... a bleeding disorder that doctors have never been able to find a cause for. I've had several urine, pelvic, and rectal exams that showed blood loss my whole life. In addition, I've had sonograms since 9 years old that show pools of blood in my abdomen with no known source. ... (6 replies)
Anemic or not?
Jun 5, 2009
... I am a 20yo lady and went for a health screen recently and these results came back in my mail box. i did some reading on the net but it seems like my hemoglobin level is still ok... but the MCV is kind of low? ... (7 replies)
... and intestinal issues for years, along with a bunch of other symptoms. I'm always cold and always tired. I've had my thyroid tested by 3 or 4 different doctors in the past 4 years, and it always comes back fine. ... (10 replies)
Chronic Low Iron?
Aug 12, 2008
... TOT, There is no test that exists which tells how well you absorb iron. I think your doctor was either commenting on your %iron saturation or your ferritin and then trying to put this into simplistic terms for you (which he didn't need to do). Oh, if they could only so easily tell if a person absorbs iron or not. They cannot tell this. So, the doctor has looked at your... (24 replies)
New to Anemia
Jul 8, 2008
... BUt that was a long time ago and doesn't have anything to do with now. I have to go back in about a couple weeks to get my blood checked again. ... (9 replies)
Progress Report
Jun 28, 2008
... or my annual checkup a couple of weeks ago. My iron deficiency anemia has resolved evidently, but I left her office really angry. I had visited her three times in two months for anemia. However, she looked at my list of meds before looking at my CBC and asked "why are you taking iron and how long have you been taking it"? ... (2 replies)
Useful information
Jan 11, 2008
... My ferritin is also a 2, my RBC is 4.08, hemoglobin 9.2, hematocrit 29.2, MCV 72.2, mch 22.4, mchc 31. ... (6 replies)
Jan 6, 2008
... (3 replies)
... Im hoping that some of you can help me out. I was just recently dx with Iron Deficiency. I went in to my Dr. because I have been so tired the past 6 months or so. Here were all my lab results. ... (6 replies)
... but my hemoglobin is up to a whopping 140. I am feeling an increase of certain 'symptoms', most notably is this strange feeling in my throat which I have experienced off and on for the past year or so. It's almost like a difficulty swallowing but not really... ... (9 replies)
..., today, went to have new levels drawn and got the results from the other day...and things are worse! My hemoglobin had gone from 9.5 to 9.3 which isn't a drastic drop... ... (9 replies)
... Numbers are almost like yours. My hemoglobin is 9.3 I think I'm a little bit better than you. I'm going to have a gastroscopy this wednesday. The anaesthetist said that he wants to give me some blood. ... (8 replies)
... life saver for me. The doctors were very careful to monitor me and the moment I felt uncomfortable I told them and they stopped the infusion and placed a buffer in it and then started the drip more slowly. it took about six hours for the whole thing due to how slowly they had to run the IV. ... (4 replies)

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