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Right my MCV was 99.7
B12 160
HBG 12

I started b12 injections and felt better after a few of the initial doses but feel awful now I'm on the 3monthly ones. Have had fatigue issues for years, was told cfs or fibro as my 'bloods normal' range.

I've had very ridged nails - probably nail beading for 15 years now when I first felt ill after a bout of gastro symptoms which eventually settled but fatigue did not. I have now developed white patches on my lips so Dr wants to test ferritin and folate again.

My last ferritin was 15 which is normal apparently. My bloods also highlighted in red saturated iron which was 79 and potassium which I think was 3.3??

I also developed a dvt out of the blue last year.

Any insight would be very much appreciated, I'm forever seeing different locum Dr and no one seems to have a clue, they just suggest anti ds. I am ok walking on level ground but if I try and do two flights of stairs I am breathless, heart races and I get cramp pain in legs. I get very dizzy and lightheaded trying to exercise though I do aim to do some everyday. I work part time and have two children who I breastfed (I felt better whilst breastfeeding but far worse after I stopped).

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