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[QUOTE=oregondiver;4981531]My dr put me on 375mg of ferrus sulfate (I can't remmber how much elemental iron that is) and after 2 months...I am still slightly anemic. Now I started doing some reading and I guess I shouldn't have been taking the pill with my bowl of cereal (milk/food)...[/QUOTE]

375 mg of ferrous sulfate is roughly 75 mg of elemental iron.

So she is bumping me to 2 pills (of 375mg fs) per day. Do I take them together or should I take them apart? How would my body absorb them better? I have been on them 2x day for 4 days now and right now I do 1 in the AM and 1 in the PM.

This is the correct way to take them. The gut's capacity for iron uptake is rather limited, even if a person is deficient. Taking them all at once will compound your intestinal upset and not appreciably improve your iron absorption.

If you want to maximize your iron absorption, take some vitamin C with your iron. It's cheap.

The heartburn could simply be a consequence of taking the iron before you go to bed. Because you are lying down, the iron will pool on the top of your stomach. It's better to take it in the afternoon, while you are still up and about. Be sure to take it at least 2 hours after your last meal and at the latest 1 hour before your next meal.

Don't worry about the belly upset. Your system needs time to adjust, so be patient and consistent -- it often goes away after a while. And don't take it with meals. In fact, that's the worst time to take iron. Too many things in your food can interfere with absorption.

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