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[QUOTE=candancing;4986147]I am waiting for my doctor to contact me about my blood tests, but even with a note marked urgent, she's been taking days to get back to me and I was hoping someone here might have some insight on my levels. I'm not even sure I have anemia, but I have nothing to compare my results to and have never been in this situation. Basically, I went for blood tests because I've been extremely fatigued, at times lethargic, find it tough to concentration, weak, and I have what may be rheumatoid arthritis pains. I've also had an achiness and buzzing/vibrating/tingling in my feet and lower legs, so my doctor also checked my B12 and folates.

As it happens, my B12, folates, and iron are all well within normal range. It's my CBC that has some values that are off. Interestingly enough, my hemoglobin and hemocrit are fine (although on the low end of the range). It's these that aren't within normal:

RBC 3.96 REF RANGE: 4.20-5.40
MCH 31.8 REF RANGE: 31.8


Without wanting to get in the way of your doctor (and while emphasizing that I am not YOUR doctor), this is anemia.

Conventionally, doctors are told that blood counts are among the first things to suffer in iron deficiency, but there's accumulating evidence that blood counts are the last thing that shows signs of iron deficiency. The body works really hard to keep red blood cell production up, because without it, you'd be sabre-tooth tiger lunch. You can't hunt, you can't escape predators, you can't protect your family.

Your RBC is mildly low, and your mean corpuscular hemoglobin is low, and the elevated reticulocyte count says that your bone marrow is frantically producing more red blood cells to fill the gap.

If you are having joint pains, and are weak and dizzy, and you have blood test results like this, then it does suggest an iron deficiency anemia. Note also that parasthesias (the buzzing and tingling in your limbs) can also be caused by iron deficiency. Since you have now ruled out B12 deficiency, that is what I would suspect is causing your trouble.

Have you had your ferritin and TIBC or transferrin checked?

Get the extended iron assay done. I suspect you will show a ferritin level under 50 ng/mL (or g/L), if not under 30 ng/mL.

Good luck, and let us know what happens!

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