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Re: Hemoglobin
May 25, 2012
[QUOTE=saphfire27;4986380]So I got my blood work results today and apparently my hemoglobin is at 32 g/l (3.2 g/dl). Is that nuts or what? And I was wanting to donate blood tomorrow lol.

Doing some web surfing it would seem I have severe anemia. I didn't think to discuss it much with my doctor because I was tired (surprise!) and just wanted to go home. She gave me some iron supplement (350mg) samples and a guide on iron rich foods. I didn't think to ask about the other blood related stuff. Does a low hemoglobin count alone make you anemic?[/QUOTE]


Without wanting to make you panic, I'd have to suspect a measurement error with a value that low. I'm not even sure you'd still be walking with an Hb that low.

Is it possible you have confused it with ferritin? I mean, you give the correct units, so I doubt it, but... that level is REALLY low. Severe anemia, indeed. You must be extraordinarily pale.

With a hemoglobin that low, your doctor should be doing more follow-up investigation. Was a more extensive iron panel done? Why is the hemoglobin so low? Do you have other symptoms besides fatigue? Are you malnourished? Is there undetected gastrointestinal bleeding? Are you a frequent blood donor?

Many questions should be answered here.

Good luck, and I hope things improve for you soon!

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