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[QUOTE=Fitness Seeker;4931143]Do any of you anemia suffers have severe shortness of breath with onset of physical activity (ie leisure swimming, walking up a hill, walking up stairs in the house?).

I was diagnosed with anemia 5 yrs ago and i 've seen diff MDs, some of whom asked me to take iron supps. I had fibroids which were removed almost 3 yrs ago, but still have heavy periods. I now don't take any supps but was thinking of going back. The last time I checked, the hema was "lower" than the range, but they told me that I was no longer anemic b/c it wasn't "at low enough levels".Last year's ferritin levels were 5. THe yr before was better, was 9. Hematocrit 35.9. Hemaglobin fluctuates borderline, just under range.

Is it necessary to see a hematologist? I never did and I wonder if I should since the regular Mds don't seem to really care. Who should I be seeing for low ferritin levels and borderline just out of range hemaglobin?


Fitness seeker you and I are in the same boat. Read my other post on this thread. You need to see a hematologist. Regular doctors, dont specialize in blood disorders, and most dont care and will tell you anything! I had one doctor tell me that a ferritin level of 15 was fine, but another one tell me it was too LOW! and was causing my dizziness and light headed feeling. Now ive dropped to an 8 and i feel like crap!! today is not my day. Im tired and yes to walk up the stairs makes me feel tired!!!! i get dizzy and liightheaded a lot. I can barely stand up to cook some days. I feel foggy headed and cant think straight. Its like everything is in a haze. I just started back taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate 3 timea a day. But i only do it twice. It makes me sick, if not taken with enough foods. Im 31 and feel 90!! I cant wait to get my insurance this week and see a hematologist... then my GYN to get rid of these fibroids! My hemoglobin is 9
I just got back from my MD visit (internist). My D level was "19". I am back to being clinically anemic. Hemo went down to 10.2 and all the red blood related components were all "low".

The Md asked me to take supplements in slow, conservative steps. He said 32 mg iron and 600 IU of the Calcium & Vit D 2-3x day.

I asked about the thyroid. It went up to 3.4 now...(from 1+ 3 yrs ago). He still insists it's "not a problem" and when i asked if i need to see an endocrinologist he says "What for". I told him the fatigue has gotten so bad that I had to quit my job b/c i'm so exhausted i can barely function. he says that the levels of iron/ferritin/Vit D could do that and that i might just have chronic symptoms. He says that let's check back in 3 months (for iron) / 6 months (for Vit D). he says he can recommend someone (a psychologist!) to help me w/ behavior strategies! Hey i'm not *imaging* my symptoms...i was outraged...if he has remotely the amt of symptoms I'd had he'd wouldnt' say these things.......I'm ready to ditch him and find an endocrinologist....
Fitness Seeker, you do suffer from hypothyroidism with the TSH level at 3.4!

Your low Ferritin and low vitamin D are related to hypothyroidism.
If you read some posts in the Thyroid Disorders forum here, you'll see that almost all of us have low Ferritin & low vit D. My D is actually undetectable, my Ferritin has been chronically low for several years now (it was 2 at my first test).

You do need to see a really good endocrinologist, as well as a hematologist.

I hate it when our physical ailments are brushed off as psychological! Run from anyone who even remotedly suggests "it's all in your head"!

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