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[QUOTE=Fitness Seeker;4931143]Do any of you anemia suffers have severe shortness of breath with onset of physical activity (ie leisure swimming, walking up a hill, walking up stairs in the house?).

I was diagnosed with anemia 5 yrs ago and i 've seen diff MDs, some of whom asked me to take iron supps. I had fibroids which were removed almost 3 yrs ago, but still have heavy periods. I now don't take any supps but was thinking of going back. The last time I checked, the hema was "lower" than the range, but they told me that I was no longer anemic b/c it wasn't "at low enough levels".Last year's ferritin levels were 5. THe yr before was better, was 9. Hematocrit 35.9. Hemaglobin fluctuates borderline, just under range.

Is it necessary to see a hematologist? I never did and I wonder if I should since the regular Mds don't seem to really care. Who should I be seeing for low ferritin levels and borderline just out of range hemaglobin?


Fitness seeker you and I are in the same boat. Read my other post on this thread. You need to see a hematologist. Regular doctors, dont specialize in blood disorders, and most dont care and will tell you anything! I had one doctor tell me that a ferritin level of 15 was fine, but another one tell me it was too LOW! and was causing my dizziness and light headed feeling. Now ive dropped to an 8 and i feel like crap!! today is not my day. Im tired and yes to walk up the stairs makes me feel tired!!!! i get dizzy and liightheaded a lot. I can barely stand up to cook some days. I feel foggy headed and cant think straight. Its like everything is in a haze. I just started back taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate 3 timea a day. But i only do it twice. It makes me sick, if not taken with enough foods. Im 31 and feel 90!! I cant wait to get my insurance this week and see a hematologist... then my GYN to get rid of these fibroids! My hemoglobin is 9

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