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@Monet-I only get dizzy when i bend down to pick something up that i dropped on the floor or to tie shoes, etc. My main prob is i'm exhausted and fatigued alot (but this could be due to sleep debt, insomnia, sleep apnea).....i get shortness of breath walking up a hill/stairs or any physical activity.

My fibroids were causing heavy bleeding and heavy pains. They were 'submucosal'. Do/did you get alot of pain? If not, they say it doesn't need to be dealt with. I had mine done outpatient. Was your surgery outpatient or inpatient?

The family MD that i saw for 2-3 yrs had me do a 2nd ultrasound after I had my surgery, b/c she keeps thinking the anemia was causing the shortness of breath. So i did have another ultrasound done, which showed re-growth. But since then I'm trying to get an accurate diagnosis from a hospital, b/c the family MD just wasn't thinkking out of the box and we were not making any progress. She just told me to consider another surgery.

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