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Fitness Seeker, you do suffer from hypothyroidism with the TSH level at 3.4!

Your low Ferritin and low vitamin D are related to hypothyroidism.
If you read some posts in the Thyroid Disorders forum here, you'll see that almost all of us have low Ferritin & low vit D. My D is actually undetectable, my Ferritin has been chronically low for several years now (it was 2 at my first test).

You do need to see a really good endocrinologist, as well as a hematologist.

I hate it when our physical ailments are brushed off as psychological! Run from anyone who even remotedly suggests "it's all in your head"!
Just thought to add... We need doctors who don't go by "normal ranges" but by optimal levels. Ferritin less than 50 is a problem (to another poster: no, you won't die from low ferritin). Hemoglobin levels are the last to go down in anemia. You've been iron deficient (=low Ferritin) for some time before hemoglobin became affected.

TSH higher than 2 is a problem. You should rather have your Free T3 & Free T4 checked instead of T3 & T4. And if those are within the range, but low normal, that's not optimal and is indicative of hypothyroidism.

Take care all.

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