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Ok, my labs results came back. MD wants to see me asap. I guess the iron/ferritin is still low. Additionally i asked to have my Vit D and thyroid numbers checked. The Vit D was deficient. I guess Vit D is very important and being deficient can be dangerous. Is anyone deficient in both iron/ferritin and Vit D ? I heard the supplements for these kinda I wonder how they're going to prescribe me supps to take care of both of these issues.
I just got back from my MD visit (internist). My D level was "19". I am back to being clinically anemic. Hemo went down to 10.2 and all the red blood related components were all "low".

The Md asked me to take supplements in slow, conservative steps. He said 32 mg iron and 600 IU of the Calcium & Vit D 2-3x day.

I asked about the thyroid. It went up to 3.4 now...(from 1+ 3 yrs ago). He still insists it's "not a problem" and when i asked if i need to see an endocrinologist he says "What for". I told him the fatigue has gotten so bad that I had to quit my job b/c i'm so exhausted i can barely function. he says that the levels of iron/ferritin/Vit D could do that and that i might just have chronic symptoms. He says that let's check back in 3 months (for iron) / 6 months (for Vit D). he says he can recommend someone (a psychologist!) to help me w/ behavior strategies! Hey i'm not *imaging* my symptoms...i was outraged...if he has remotely the amt of symptoms I'd had he'd wouldnt' say these things.......I'm ready to ditch him and find an endocrinologist....

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