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Doctors are just idiots sometimes, aren't they?? Jeepers. I think they need the antidepressants!

Just from doing my own research on all the anemia testing, I can see that your HCT is low. My lab suggests that a normal range for HCT is 37-47. So at my lab, you would be low. I think this is the one that carries the oxygen so it reflects your tiredness. So in essence, you are low on oxygen. Also, the RDW is the size of all your blood cells. The higher value reflects a high number of different cell sizes. They are not all big old ones, there are little new ones. Lots of young blood cells means new ones are being created so you have to wonder, what is happening to the big old ones? Are they leaking out somewhere? However, you iron seems OK. You have enough iron available in your blood. But everything seems to be very borderline. It's worthwhile to investigate further. And where you are excersising more, you may need more oxygen than the rest of us who aren't boxing.

My HCT was 35 and I felt terrible! I had all those symptoms too. I had to call in sick to work because I thought I was going to faint all the time. It affects everyone differently. I would go back and ask the doctor for a ferritin test if you haven't had one already. It tells you how much iron you have in storage. Either way, I would investigate it further.

Did he suggest iron pill too or just antidepressants?

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