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[QUOTE=AshleyRo;4994243]Hi. I'm new to this message board. I just discovered this condition, pernicious anemia, and my symptoms seem to match what I'm reading. I understand nobody can diagnose, but wanted to see if your experiences are consistent with mine. About a month ago, my GP did blood work and discovered that I am anemic, and I also had a positive ANA test. They referred me to a rheumatologist, but of course, he's booking two months out so I haven't seen him yet.

Here's my story. I'm 45. I've been having odd stomach problems for years that come and go -- general burning and hungry feeling in the upper abdomen. I've had several stomach tests done (gall bladder, colonoscopy, etc.) -- All normal. So I gave up on the incompetent doctors, and I just take Nexium to control these issues, but lately the Nexium is not helping much. I just deal with it and go about my business.

But now, I'm feeling very fatigued, have some numbness in my left hand, had a dizzy spell a few weeks ago (almost fainted), vomited several times over the weekend (could be a stomach bug, though), dark circles under my eyes, and still having nausea and bloating. I should also mention that my mother said I was commonly anemic as a small child. In addition, I've had an endometrial ablation so I no longer have periods; therefore, heavy bleeding is not the issue.

Does this sound familiar to those with this condition? Should I try to see a doctor immediately?

I started taking b12 supplements just in case, but not sure if 1000 mg will even help.

Thanks for any advice.[/QUOTE]
There are some types of anemia that iron won't help like autoimmune hemolytic anemia. If it's something like that, no amount of iron is going to make you feel any better. Plus, I'm no doctor but your symptoms look an awful lot like lupus.

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