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you can have low iron levels and not be technically anemic according to your hemanoctir results and still be symptomatic. You definately need to have your Iron levels tested.... My new internal medicine doctor said i was borderline anemic accordingto my hemanocrit, also have elevate MCV and increased RDW with low end normal B-12. So I am symptomatic of anemia althought labs ddont entirel support the diagnosis. Not everyone's bodys react the way the labs say they should you have to find a doctor that looks past numbers and treats how you feel... I suggest you find a good internal medicine physician and get a good work up... and /or a good natopath. I have been getting treated by Natopath for 7 months andnever felt better. the Internal medicine doctore id sort of freak me out about the seriousness of low iron.. so get a good work up.

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