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I had anemia for years with numbers like yours. I couldn't keep iron stores up and I couldn't take any of the supplements because of digestive issues. I went through the endoscopy, colonoscopy, MRI, studies where I drank some horrible foamy liquid and they ex-rayed me every 20-30 minutes for several hours, ultrasound, the works! They took a biopsy during the endoscopy and found I had I stomach infection called H. Pylori. I got rid of the infection with antibiotics. I started eating an iron rich menu, and cooking in cast iron pans. My B-12 was low so I started monthly injections. Those actions helped somewhat. I was pretty late starting menopause, but when my periods stopped the anemia improved. (I didn't think I had heavy periods.)

Of course, you are a lot younger than I was. At the same time, a much younger friend of mine was having the same problems. She went through all the tests and they couldn't find a reason. Her doctor put her on birth control pills. Her anemia improved greatly. (She thought her periods were normal also.)

It's best to check out everything, you could have a problem somewhere. Just in case the tests come out normal, you may want to check on the 'heavy period' theory and your B-12 levels.

Good luck with your tests. Hope they find a 'cure' soon!

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