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Hi, This is the first time I have ever posted on a board like this so I am rather wary but anything is worth a try...

I have been telling my GP (I'm in the UK) for the last few years that I feel fatigued and he has diagnosed and been treating depression, doing regular blood tests and referred me to a couple of specialists as well over the years. About a year and half ago he referred me to a sleep specialist and RLS was diagnosed. At that point a blood test showed that I had a ferritin level of 11 and I was started on iron tablets. (Ferrous fumerate). I was supposed to take 3 a day but couldn't tolerate them so took two instead. I was told that my Ferritin levels needed to come up to at least 100 and that it should only take 3 months. I took the Ferrous Fumerate for 12 months and the level came up to 62 in that time.

I then, in a rebellious moment, decided to stop taking the Ferrous Fumerate. This was about 5 months ago and my Ferritin levels have been going gradually down ever since. I have just had a blood test which showed it was 29. I am constantly feeling cold and it is an effort to place one foot in front of another. My mood is at rock bottom still.

Besides this two other things are going on: 1) My periods are still very regular and very heavy for 5 out of 7 days. 2) I have had diarrhoea for about 3 weeks - which I haven't mentioned to the doc.

The British medical system being as cash strapped as ever I can't see the doc referring me to three separate specialists at once so I don't know whether to push for the shrink, push for a gynae referral or push for a GI referral. Any ideas? I see the doc next Tuesday!

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